Mitsuhashi Kayo (三橋佳代) is a character in Wild Adapter and was introduced in chapter 14. She is the executive representative and founder of Kaikou no Kiba. Later on it was revealed that her maiden name is Takizawa Kayo, and Ryouji is his younger brother.


She looks so kind and a gentle woman in physical yet having some grudge on her family. She's the preacher of the Kaikou no Kiba and always delivers such convincing words to the followers. She hates her family so much as stated in the manga.


Kayo has an average height, with a curvaceous body. She has a downy face and has short wavy hair with bangs on her left side. Her beautiful appearance hides her real age. She's actually older than she looks.


After Mitsuhashi Kayo retired from her big business office job at age 26, she worked at a club in Shinjiku for 5 years.  There's a space of 4 years, and then 2 years ago, suddenly she was the public relations director of a religious cult. She was the lover of the leader of a syndicate. She is actually the older sister of Ryouji. Her life started to fall apart  after their parents divorced. Ever since then, she will do anything for money to keep on living, and the exact truth is she hated her own family.


Kaikou no Kiba ArcEdit