Kou Wild Adapter 000
Name Kou
Alias Quack Doctor
Gender Male
Gender Male
Height 171cm
Weight 58kg
Hair Brown (Manga)
Green (Anime)
Eye color Brown
Occupation Toukohan Shop owner
Quack Doctor
Residence Yokohoma China Town (?)
Status Alive
Manga Wild Adapter Vol. 1 Ch. 6.5
Anime Wild Adapter (OVA) Ep. 1
Seiyuu Toshihiko Seki
Kou (コウ?) is a friend if Kubota who owns a shop combined medicine, treatment and general goods store called Toukohan.


Wild Adapter 02 Kou

Kou in the Anime

Kou tends to be calm, mild, polite and always have a good smile on his face. He is intelligent and well educated in medical services despite the fact he is unlicensed. He is a soft-spoken well-mannered young man. He is trying to open himself to Tokito and often help him with some problem. 


In the manga, Kou has a long brown hair and often mistaken as a woman. He has a feminine face but he is indeed a male. He wears glasses or sometimes show as black glasses and his dress is similar to Chinese dresses the fact he is living in a China town near Yokohama. However, Kou's appearance somehow changed in the anime. His hair was changed into green.


Kou manages a small shop in the Chinese area of Yokohama. He is a good old friend of Kubota and might consider him as his personal doctor because he do medical services despite the fact that he is unlicensed. Kou sells various questionable odd and ends in his shop, including weapons and drugs and is good at getting information. Aside from selling medicines, it's been hinted that he's selling things and stuff that is related to sex industry. When Kubota visited his shop again after a long time, since then he often help Kou at his job such as for odd jobs like deliveries to him. Later on, Kubota visited him to ask Kou to go to his apartment to examine Tokito.


Kubota Makoto - He's an old friend to Makoto. He narrates how he met Makoto when he knocks on the door of his shop one day looking for a part time job. Kou usually ask Makoto to run some errands for him like delivering some stuff to his clients.

Tokito - For some reason, Tokito always addressed him as a quack bastard. Kou finds him so interesting due to the unusual look of his hand and he serves as a physician to him. One time, Kou says that he was grateful that he had come to pay a visit to his vet and Tokito got mad telling him that he should not group him with other animals.