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Kudou Haruki (工藤春樹) is a celebrity idol in Japan. He was invited to have a concert in Araiso Private High School festival. Kubota and Tokito was assigned to guard Haruki because of the letters from unknwon senders that have been sent to their school for the past few weeks to cancel Haruki's concert.


Haruki was a spoiled brat, childish, rude, arrogant and lacking in the ability to smile or laugh. His world is revolving around his parent's and manager's control in other words, he is like a puppet. However, this negative attitude of his began to disappear after Kubota and Tokito showed him around the festival. He started to show a good side of him. He was able to smile and experience to have fun like the other nomal students.


Kudou Haruki

Haruki's first appearance

Haruki appears to be a teenage man with a fancy looking appeal and clothing. His get up looks like an arrogant type of person with lacking an ability to smile. However, later on his after enjoying himself in the Araiso School Carnival with a disguise along with his so called bodyguard, Kubota and Tokito, he began to smile and learned how to be a normal.


Since Haruki was younger, because of his parent's hobbies, they made him a model and take lessons. Because of that, without participating in a school event, he wasn't able to make any friends. He later became a celebrity idol which his manager controls him. Later on, Araiso Private High School sent an invitation for Haruki to perform on the school's festival. The manager approved Araiso's invitation making the other invitation by Fujinuma High School cancel.

Concert in AraisoEdit

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