Osamu Kiba
Wild Adapter | Executive Committee
Name Osamu Kiba
Kanji 治木場
Gender Male
Gender Male
Height 172cm
Weight 61kg
Hair Green
Eye color Violet
Blood type A
Occupation Leader of Izumokai Youth Division
Residence Yokohama
Status Alive
Manga Wild Adapter Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Vol. 4 Ch. 25.5

Anime Wild Adapter (OVA) Ep. 1
Seiyuu  ??
Weapons Gun

Kiba Osamu (治木場) is the man who takes Kubota's place as the leader of the Izumokai Youth Division. He is the one responsible for abducting Tokito. He is nickname as Chamu by his childhood best friend Ryuunosuke. He is aslo the best friend of Shuuji, and acts like the dog of Sanada.


Wild Adapter 02 Osamu

Osamu in the anime

Osamu is a cold, ruthless and ill-tempered man willing to do anything to climb up the yakuza ranks. He love and cares for his friends so much and would scold them if needed. He usually gets annoyed when Tatsu calls him Ochamu or Chamu, and Sanada refers him like a dog.

He was seen scolding Shuuji to behave self-consciously. Later on, after Shuuji’s death, he was shock, affected so much and loses a part of his heart. According to Tatsu, Osamu act differently after Shuuji’s death and was acting like Sanada's dog. He was seen to be harsh and violent to Tokito, forcing him to talk about W.A. He is not afraid of death and he’s willing to die just to meet Shuuji in the afterlife.


Osamu appears to be a young man with the height of 172 cm and weight of 61 kg. He has a green hair with a short haircut with bangs. He has violet eyes and wears shades, but sometimes takes it off. His attire is almost white even his shoes except for the black underneath his coat. In Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee Drama CD, he wears glasses.


Tatsu - Osamu and Tatsu are childhood best friend and both members of Izumokai Youth Division. Osamu is usually annoyed to Tatsu when his calling him Chamu, but he is fond of him. In oil tanker voyage, when Tatsu was dying, he was begging him not to die, but Tatsu released his hold.

Shuuji - It is currently unknown how they became friends, but he is also the best friend of Osamu and Tatsu in Izumokai Youth Division. He used to get worried of Shuuji and would scold him if needed. But ever since Shuuji died, Osamu lost one of his pieces in his heart and started to act differently.

Sanada - Osamu is currently following every orders of Sanada, and Sanada refers him like his dog.