Takizawa Ryouji (滝沢良二) is a freelance reporter joins Kubota and Tokito investigating a religious cult or rather organization called Kaikou no Kiba. After Kaiko no Kiba arc, he still supports the two and sometimes help Tokito. He is currenly writing about W.A.


Ryouji is a cheerful man who has a sense of responsibility in his work. He's an easy going person and very talkative due to the nature of his work. He loves to gather information especially those infos that are really fascinating and somewhat so sparkling.


He has a long hair and a beard. It seems he has a quirk athletic body. He sometimes tie his hair in ponytail and wears a cap. His eyes are usually close.


Ryouji went to a really good university. His parents are divorced and he has an older and younger sister name Misa. Takizawa is his mother's surname. One year ago, his younger sister was in a hospital bed since she was six. He and his mother was the only one in the family that took care of his younger sister, but then she died of illness. His mother committed suicide who had even taken illegal loans, and was over-dosed in drugs and it was something to do with the organization, Kaiko no Kiba. Later on, Takizawa became a reporter in charge of entertainment relationships. He began to investigate the so called religious organization, Kaikou no Kiba. After those past incident, he quit as a reporter and became a freelance writer. He is currently interested about W.A.


Kaikou no Kiba ArcEdit


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