Jun Sekiya
Jun Sekiya Wild Adapter 000
Name Jun Sekiya
Kanji 関谷顺?
Gender Male
Gender Male
Occupation Leader of Toujougumi
Status Alive
Seiyuu Shinichirou Miki

Sekiya Jun (関谷顺?) is the head managing director of Toujougumi that rivals the one Kubota briefly joins. He became the leader after Kubota killed the previous leader. He is the main villain of the manga series. He has his own reasons for pursuing Wild Adapter, and apparently Kubota as well.


Jun seems to be overall whiny disposition and loves pleasure. He wants everything neat and clean. He is harsh to his men when one of them made a mistake, and also he hates to smell a cigarette smoke on his office. He acts suggestively toward Tokito and has a stereotypically homosexual attitude; he speaks with a lisp and refers to himself with the feminine "atashi" (rather than the more masculine "ore," "jibun," or "boku"). Saori called him an "okama"—an offensive term for a homosexual man means "Drag Queen", and yes, he is officially a homosexual man.



Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


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