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Araiso tokito

Tokito Minoru in the alternate universe, Executive Committee

In their alternate universe, Tokito Minoru is his fullname. He is an executive committee student along with partner and best friend, Kubota. It was also shown that he has a good fighting skills, and also wears a glove on his right hand (currently unknown why he wears). The way he act and his get up are the same like in his alternate universe, Wild Adapter. He is also protective to Kubota, and gets jealous when someone is flirting or closer to him. He hates students who bullies other students. Their journey here tells about school life, helping other people and solving mysteries.

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Wild-Adapter 036

Kubota found Minoru

He was first introduced as a boy running from pursuers.[1] Later on, Kubota found the boy, unconscious and almost half dead as a stray cat in an alley in Yokohama and asked Kou to examine him. Later on, the boy who has amnesia found himself inside Kubota's room. The boy has no idea of his identity, or why his right hand is a furry, clawed paw identical to the animalistic bodies of dead W•A users, and once in a while it hurts. He attempted to run but he was later found by the young boy Shouta who lives next-door. The boy woke up again and found himself inside Kubota's room again. Shouta went inside the room, bringing him a meal and telling to the amnesia boy that the food is not poisonous. The two later on develops a friendship. He actually has a bracelet with "Minoru" engraved on it when Kubota found him. When Shouta asked him if he remembers the name Minoru, he began to gone wild after hearing the name and sees flashes of a menacing figure who calls him "Minoru." The boy's insanity was stopped by Kubota telling him that it will be alright, but Kubota's arm got broken because of the boy. He was later named as Tokito by Kubota and the two became attached to one another. 1 year later, their journey starts to begin and got more involve with W.A.

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